How to start your own fashion blog

A guide to start a successful fashion blog


Step one – The thinking process

Before you begin the creative process of physically personalizing your own blog, think about the content and audience of your blog. I’m not saying you have to have a genius idea of an overly-organized, thoroughly thought through and one of a kind fashion blog. Overthinking the message and overall vibe of your blog can be detrimental towards your unique thoughts and freedom of creation. You want your blog to scream YOU. Don’t try and incorporate every aspect of a successful fashion blog. Let your ideas translate themselves through your website. Post what inspires you – post what you think may inspire other people. Share your proud creations.

Step two – Finding a platform for your website

For this step you will need good wifi and a lot of patience. For beginners like myself, this step can be very time consuming. To make it easier for you all I will break this step down into different sections:

Section 1-

Learnt by experience; you are first going to need a web host. The web host I used is linked below. However, you can use any web host you prefer. (*Note* buying a package for web hosting does cost money)

This is the web host I used:

Section 2-

Watch this tutorial on how to set up a localhost on your mac:

Section 3-

Watch this tutorial on how to move a localhost to an online server

Section 4-

Finalize everything by watching this tutorial:

This is a very long process and takes a lot of patience and time. By buying a package from your webs host, you can use their online chats for support if you are struggling with certain areas of your website. Seeking for their support is very helpful and I know this because I was on the phone with at least 5 different IT support helpers in one night.

Step 3 – Content creation

Now that you have your blog setup and have a rough idea of what you want your content to be, start creating it. If you want to display some of your fashion items or fashion inspiration get out a camera and start taking photos. If you want more professional-looking photos, I suggest booking a photographer in your city or even asking a friend who knows how to work a camera to help you out.

Step 4 – Displaying your creations on your blog

If you are a beginner with WordPress like myself, I suggest you play around and find out what you can and can’t do with your website. During the posting and editing process for my blog, I found this website very helpful:

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